About SPARK Kindness

Every time we do something that helps a community grow more kind, resilient and welcoming, we SPARK Kindness. Together we can make sure no one feels alone, bullied, unsupported, or unconnected—every day and especially in the most challenging times.

Launched to counter cyberbullying in 2010, SPARK Kindness has grown into a nonprofit convener, educator, resource, and friend—and the biggest fan of our community's shared strengths. SPARK Kindness hosts speakers, parenting groups, community activities, and support whenever needed. All SPARK programs and resources are FREE thanks to dedicated volunteers, donors, business and philanthropic sponsors, and friends.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were suffering. So many of us felt alone, dealing with bullying, mental health, substance use, and more. Now we all face added challenges. Physical distancing can make all of us feel even further apart. More than ever, it’s clear:

We need each other. Community helps us survive. To make our way through this moment—and thrive beyond
it, as individuals and as a society—we must prioritize and nurture the well being of each child and person in
our midst. We must deepen community resilience. We must bridge our gaps, share strengths, and help each
other. But how?

A unique, grassroots force in the national kindness movement, SPARK Kindness ventures into vulnerable, emotional issues to cultivate skills for caring and equity. We work with schools, parents, and civic institutions. Our “wrap around” programs and resources better equip communities to create lasting interdependence and connection.

Proactive | Strengths-Based | Community-Based

We all have emotional basic needs

We SPARK solutions

Our Approach

SPARK = Successful Positive Authentic Resilient Kids

Kindness + Courage + Community = Positive Change

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